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Contextual Statement

An established Australian business, referred to as Client, faced a significant challenge with its SuiteCRM version 8 implementation. Users spent excessive time navigating between screens to access contact information related to accounts, leading to decreased productivity and user dissatisfaction. Client sought a solution to expedite data entry and enhance CRM usability while ensuring data privacy.

Business Description

Client operates in multiple industries in Australia and relies on SuiteCRM version 8 for managing client connections and data. The project was initiated by the company's anonymous owner.

Why We Chose to Address this / Issue:

Our commitment to helping companies optimize operations and our understanding of the far-reaching impacts of inefficient data entry procedures on business and employee morale motivated us to address Client’s problem. This project aligned perfectly with our team’s passion for improving user experiences and our expertise in CRM systems, all while adhering to strict confidentiality requirements.

Solutions and their Application:

To address Client’s data entry challenges, we employed the following approach:


  • In-depth consultations with Client were conducted to understand their requirements fully.
  • We identified the need to eliminate screen switching and enhance data entry efficiency.
  • We proposed designating a primary contact for each account to streamline communication.


  • Primary Contact Field: We introduced a unique “Primary Contact” field in SuiteCRM
  • Personalized Accounts Screen: Redesigned accounts screen prominently displays data of the designated primary contact.
  • Automated Process: An automated process was implemented to ensure data accuracy, automatically overriding the primary contact and scanning all connected contacts when a contact was designated as the primary contact for an account.


The project was successfully completed within the 34-hour timeframe. Employees at Client noted that our solution reduced data entry time and increased user satisfaction.


By addressing Client’s data entry challenges, we not only improved productivity but also created a more user-friendly CRM environment. Our commitment to delivering meaningful results for our clients while adhering to strict confidentiality requirements remains unwavering. We are ready to collaborate with you to enhance productivity and streamline data entry for your CRM. Contact us to explore your unique needs and embark on a path to increased productivity and user satisfaction.

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