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Problem Statement

Initially, as a small family-run business, the client managed their information and leads using Google Sheets. However, as their family business expanded, they needed to transition to SugarCRM, posing a challenge for the owner, who lacked the expertise for an effective transition. In search of a solution, they sought guidance from Talha, the CEO of Vertekx.

Why This Problem?

As a software company, the challenge of assisting a client unsure of their needs was both appealing and demanding. The client’s mission to promote athletics, particularly among seniors, aligns with our objective of supporting enterprises that contribute to the health system and the environment.


The client faced challenges due to their lack of technical expertise, unfamiliarity with system changes, and the intricacies of data transfer from color-coded Google Sheets. To address these challenges, a collaborative session was organized to understand the client's vision and expectations.

Exploring the Possibilities for the Client

After the initial consultation, the Vertekx team formulated the following features and solutions:

Exploring the Possibilities for the Client:

1. Customized SugarCRM:
  • Streamlined data transfer from Google Sheets to SugarCRM.
  • Automated data integration from Google Sheets into SugarCRM
  • Automated data segregation from web forms to SugarCRM.
  • Development of customized dashboards.
  • Integration of an automated email system within the CRM through connectors.
2. Automated Mail System:
  • An automated mailing system that replaced manual processes.
  • Introduction of a capsule model in SugarCRM with various email templates.
  • Automatic response alerts for contacts not responded to within three days.
3. Multi-lead Manager:
  • Customized fields to organize high-priority tasks and significant clients.
  • Timely reminders for critical deadlines and tasks.

Outcome Highlights

After the initial consultation, the Vertekx team formulated the following features and solutions:
  • Secure and flawless data transfer.
  • Efficient lead management.
  • Prompt task reminders, enhancing service quality.
  • Substantial time savings.
  • A streamlined, automated email system that bolstered customer services.
  • Positive feedback from club members.
If you’re feeling uncertain or struggling with a technical challenge, Vertekx is here to help. Reach out to us today for top-notch consultancy and innovative solutions to address all your concerns.


The success of this partnership highlights Vertekx’s commitment to reshaping financial landscapes and underscores our dedication to fostering positive change through cutting-edge software solutions. Together, we have not only streamlined credit repair but also paved the way for financial empowerment and success.

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