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Company Description

The client, a legal tech company based in Germany, offers a unique platform for content producers and rights holders to manage their assets and address copyright and personality rights violations. Before partnering with our organization, the client faced significant challenges with their customized Suite CRM system, affecting their business operations and technical capabilities.

Contextual Statement

The client approached our company seeking assistance with complex technological and operational issues. A prior service provider had extensively customized their SuiteCRM system to align with their unique needs, but this customization created a host of problems.

Business Process Issues

  • Excessive Customization: The Suite CRM system had undergone extensive customization, including alterations to core files, making updates difficult without losing crucial customizations.
  • Inefficient Processes: : Customized procedures within Suite CRM were plagued with problems, negatively impacting operational efficiency.
  • Complex Server Infrastructure: The server infrastructure was overly complicated relative to the user base, resulting in unnecessary complexities.

Business Technology Issues

  • Inexperienced Tech Team: The client’s technical team lacked the DevOps expertise required to manage their intricate server infrastructure.
  • Limited Access: : Legal restrictions prevented the client from granting Vertekx complete access to their IT operations, complicating the process.
  • Email System Upgrade: Compatibility issues arose when Microsoft transitioned from basic authentication to modern authentication, necessitating an upgrade due to the client’s reliance on Microsoft Exchange emails.

Solution - How We Helped

  • Consultation Our Chief Technology Officer (CTO) conducted a comprehensive evaluation, stressing the importance of server access to implement significant adjustments. He recommended outsourcing DevOps work to a reliable third party, but the client declined.
  • Solution Implementation We addressed critical processes and applied fixes. However, daily maintenance was required as the fixes were regularly undone.
  • Service-Based Approach Our engagement with the client focused on ongoing maintenance and issue resolution.

Final Outcome

The client eventually heeded the tactical advice to transition to Zoho CRM, a better fit for their specific needs. The improved compatibility with Microsoft Exchange made this switch more advantageous. After successfully transitioning to Zoho CRM, our work concluded.


This case study underscores the importance of selecting the right software that aligns with business requirements, especially in highly specialized domains like LegalTech. It also highlights the value of skilled professionals in developing custom solutions to challenging issues. If you’re launching a new business or entering the legal tech industry, this case study demonstrates the critical importance of selecting a suitable CRM that aligns with your business needs. Ready to turn your technological challenges into opportunities? Visit Vertekx and schedule your initial consultation today! Contact us to learn more about how we can tailor solutions to your specific requirements, using cutting-edge technologies to navigate the complexities of your industry.

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