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Situational Statement

The client, a renowned web design company serving real estate agents, faced challenges with SuiteCRM for lead management. Their in-house development team lacked expertise in backend development and SuiteCRM interfaces. To address this issue, they sought Vertekx’s specialized technological know-how.

Company Description

The client is a US-based web design company that caters to real estate agents and brokers. They offer a range of services, from fully managed website development to DIY website building. Despite their reputation, their Polish development team encountered difficulties with SuiteCRM.

Why This Issue?

Vertekx chose to tackle the CRM integration issue due to its critical nature and the opportunity to leverage our expertise. Our decision was driven by both our dedication to delivering effective solutions and our belief that our skills aligned perfectly with the client’s requirements.

Process Demands:

  • Meeting deadlines with 2-week sprints for each item.
  • Ensuring code quality during a one-week bug-hunting phase.

Implementation of the Solution

Vertekx embarked on a project to address the client’s CRM-related challenges. This involved two significant technological solutions:
  • Installing the CRM Plugin (Twilio):
    Vertekx successfully fixed and deployed a CRM plugin that facilitated direct calls from the CRM platform and streamlined incoming call transfers to available agents, enhancing efficiency and internal communication.
  • Integration of Email Marketing Software (Mautic):
    The client’s CRM system was seamlessly integrated with external email marketing software (Mautic), simplifying customer communications and email marketing campaigns.

Features of Our Work

The solutions provided by Vertekx improved several aspects of the client’s CRM system:
  • Enhanced Communication : Improved call routing and direct CRM calls resulted in more effective communication.
  • Efficient Email Marketing: : Integration with Mautic allowed for efficient email marketing campaigns.
  • Effective Project Management: A streamlined project management system ensured timely deliveries.


The project yielded satisfying results
  • Targets were consistently met, and systems were implemented ahead of schedule, pleasing both the client’s management and development team.
  • The client extended our contract to include additional CRM development, buyer and seller administration, property module connection, CRM module consulting, contact center integration, and chat application.


In conclusion, our partnership with the client demonstrated Vertekx’s ability to deliver tailored technological solutions effectively and efficiently, addressing their critical CRM concerns and laying the foundation for a long-term collaboration. Discover how Vertekx’s customized solutions transformed the client’s CRM system and how we can help you optimize your CRM for enhanced effectiveness and customer satisfaction. To learn more about our expertise and discuss your CRM needs, contact us today. Vertekx can help your business thrive!

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